Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bin Laden in Saudi Arabia?

Radar reports:
Ever since CIA chief Porter Goss admitted to Time magazine three weeks ago that he has “an excellent idea” where the top terrorist is hiding, but can’t go after him because of “sanctuaries in sovereign states and fair play,” the chatter among Capitol Hill Democrats is that Osama Bin Laden remains at large because he’s hiding in Bush’s blind spot: Saudi Arabia.
“Sanctuaries in sovereign nations and fair play? These have never been things that this administration has been concerned about,” one Democratic congressman tells
Radar, requesting anonymity. “There is a lot of evidence from what Goss has said publicly, and our President’s relationship with the Saudi Royal family, that warrants an investigation into where he’s actually hiding, including Saudi Arabia. The Democrats don’t want to appear too hysterical with this, so we’re taking our time to find out the facts.”
Interesting speculation -- if true, this would be a twist on the concept of 'the butler did it.' But I couldn't imagine that the Saudis would let bin Laden, who is their arch-enemy, hide out in their country, or allow anyone to get away with hiding him.

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