Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Blog recommendations

Karen Miller is extremely nice about Bloghead. Thank you!
And now, since this is a rare week when I can't blog properly, I'm going to steal her idea and plug some blogs I've been particularly enjoying recently. They're not necessarily new but more people should know about them.
  • First up is... Karen Miller's Modern Orthodox Woman. I'm not just returning the favor -- it's always a source of interesting material and interesting discussions, particularly on women's issues.
  • Next up -- Orthomom. Her 'Heroine of the Day' series has been particularly spectacular but everything I said about MOW applies to her as well.
  • Dutchblog Israel. It helps if you speak Dutch but the majority of the pieces are in English. A cool, measured and sensible voice on Israeli and Middle Eastern affairs (or maybe he saves the inflammatory statements for the Dutch?)
  • The indispensable Canonist is back. But SIW doesn't need an introduction.
  • I plugged Mayim Rabim when it was first launched. It's kept up the momentum and is a stellar example of why blogs are so important to the Jewish world -- you won't hear the kind of discussions that go on there anywhere else.
  • Jerusalem Revealed. It's only a few weeks to Noa's wedding and she's providing a quirky, honest and often hilarious account of the run-up.
  • Lamed. Doesn't update very often but links to fascinating stuff, especially if you're interested in Jewish education, as I am.

Not to say I don't enjoy many others -- I do. But check these out....

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