Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Who ever thought they'd ever see such scenes?

Remember the Satmar brawl on Shmini Atzeret? The security camera inside the shul caught most of it, and Hyde Park (don't know how) has got hold of some of the apparently tamer pictures, mostly from the aftermath, which capture, amongst other things, the police trying to drag out the invaders (bottom) and a bunch of people 'throwing the amud' (top -- another picture shows the amud being broken). What is there to say, other than, what a chillul hashem and what a bunch of behemas. To add insult to injury, whoever named the pictures in hyde park is disgustingly racist towards the African American policemen who were unfortunate enough to have to sort out this mess -- the uppermost picture, for example, is captioned 'goyim choking,' and that's the least of them. Like these scenes were "the goyim's" fault!!! Bit of luck they didn't send in any women police officers -- and I'm just glad I can't read the Yiddish running commentary...


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