Thursday, November 10, 2005

Link dump

Some good material from around the J-blogosphere recently:
  • OOSJ on 'boredom and the haredi girl.'
  • Adloyada on the anniversary of Kristallnacht and the idea of historical 'narratives.' This woman really is good, we should all be reading her more often.
  • Vasserveibel, at Mayim Rabim (the mikveh blog), on her body in the aftermath of her divorce.
  • Amusing conversation noted on Jewschool.
  • The Town Crier notes that Rav Mordechai Eliyahu is 'fiercely disputing' the idea of a list of 'rabinically forbidden' names, including Ariel and Omri, which was all over the media last week. Of-course, the reports were totally irresponsible, exaggerated and unprofessional, which I would have written about -- had Steven not beaten me to it.
  • Interesting perspective on an Orthodox wedding -- from a lesbian woman (via Moshe).
  • Gilly hosts two IDF soldiers who are converting to Judaism.
  • Two good political cartoons, via Dutchblog Israel (for the first link, I'm talking about the top one).
  • Finally, another story I wish I had covered at the time (almost every single regret I have concerning this blog relates to stories I didn't cover and posts I didn't write rather than those I did). Credit where credit's due. The parents of a Palestinian boy who was shot by mistake donated his organs to Israelis, for the sake of peace. It is an extraordinary gesture -- Orthomom has the story.

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