Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hired thugs?

Yesterday I posted some pictures of the aftermath of the Shmini Atzeret Satmar brawl, and linked to others, assuming that what they showed was the police trying to break up the fight. The Jewish Week now tells a slightly different story, with a detail which didn't appear in any of the previous press reports:
To even the odds the Aronis [who invaded the other group's shul -- if you go back to the original story for context], numbering less then 300, arrived with “their so-called security people,” said one community official.
“They were not chasidim,” the official said. “They were people of color, and in black leather jackets. It was clear who was hitting whom.”
The Aronis were ready to rumble. Clearly visible on a videotape from a security camera turned over to the Brooklyn District Attorney were black men in baseball hats fighting alongside the black fur-hatters.
In other words, the African Americans in the pictures -- according to this -- were not breaking anything up, but were participating in the fighting -- thugs hired by one of the groups to use force. The police, presumably, turned up later.
Could the picture of events at the shul that day possibly get uglier????

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