Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Cohanim are kosher - but the Levi'im ....?

A speaker at our shul yesterday is the Director of an Institute for Kohanim in the Old City, and spoke about the project to isolate the 'Kohen gene'. The "eureka moment" actually took place in our shul, when 'Kohen' Dr. Karl Skorecki (also, I may modestly point out, a CHAT graduate) asked himself whether he would have a common gene with a Sefardi kohen who was having an aliyyah. The rest, as they say, is history. However, when he had finished, the speaker asked for questions, and was asked about the Levi'im. [This prompted the Rav to make some painful comment about 'Levi genes' ]. The speaker was a little less enthusiastic. Apparently, (and, in fairness, this is clearly spelt out in the link provided) the genetic testing on Levi'im , who should also have a common gene, is a great deal more problematic! So, for Cohanim, the genetic research shows that "Science proves the Torah etc etc" but for Levi'im "the genetic test is a curiosity, and of course it is the halachah that is important" !!

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William Dwek said...

1. The Dweks from Aleppo, Syria, are the only family of the true Cohanim.

We are the only true descendants of Aharon HaCohen, the Cohen HaGadol.

2. The surname of Aharon HaCohen was not “Aharon Rappaport” or “Aharon Kahaneman” or “Aharon Kleiman”. Nor did we receive the Torah from “Moshe Rappaport” or, “Moshe Kahaneman” or, “Moshe Kleiman”.

Anyone who has taken on the surname, “Cohen” is clearly identifiable as a fraud, a liar and an imposter of the true Cohanim, going right back into his family history – right back to his original ancestor who LIED, and said he was a Cohen when he was not.

Anyone called, “Mr. Cohen or Rabbi Cohen” is definitely NOT a Cohen! Someone who calls himself, “Mr. Cohen or Rabbi Cohen” is effectively calling himself, “Mr. Torah!”

The Cohanim are part of the Torah – but they are not called, “Mr. Torah.” It is preposterous for a man to call himself, “Mr. Torah!” If someone makes you a cup of coffee, or sells some bread to you, will you say, “Thank you Mr. CoffeeMaker!” or, “Thank you Mr. Baker?!” The coffeemaker and the baker have a Family Name.

Similarly with the true Cohanim. And that family name is, “DWEK.”