Thursday, November 17, 2005

Beware what you write on blogs

A couple of guys have started up a blog about what's happening at YCT. I'm sure it will be interesting and thoughtful (esp. if it follows the example of contributor Drew Kaplan's other blog), however, without meaning to scare these guys off, the problem with writing on a blog -- even a brand-new blog that they probably assume not that many people are reading -- is that you're washing your dirty laundry in public. So, for example -- whilst I agree with and admire the sentiments in the rest of the post , and applaud the way the problem, whatever it was, was handled -- you can't write a paragraph like this:
Yesterday, the Rosh haYeshiva, Rabbi Linzer, addressed the yeshivah regarding an incident that had happened and apologized for the way he had handled it. I don't know how big this issue really was, as most students, including myself, had not heard of it until his address. Nevertheless, it was important to start a discussion regarding women and the yeshiva.
without the rest of the world wanting to know what happened. So come on, guys, 'fess up...

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