Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Jews knew, again...

Ah, of course. What would a major terror attack be without the obligatory 'the Jews knew' story -- as we noted in the aftermath of 7/7 and discussed in September? is reporting that Israelis staying at the Jordanian hotels that were blown up last night received a security warning and were evacuated before the bombings, as is a Kuwaiti news agency. The anti-Semitic implication, of course, is that the dastardly Jews saved themselves and neglected to share the info.
Except that this time, the report originates with none other than Ha'aretz; the report is still in their print edition, although they have now published a retraction on their website. Apparently it originated in a misunderstanding -- Israelis were led back to the border, but only after the bombings. This does not get Ha'aretz off the hook. They should be aware that these types of stories inevitably pop up after major attacks and provide conspiracy-theory fodder for anti-Semitism. Couldn't they be a little more careful?

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