Wednesday, November 09, 2005

For G-d's sake, please let Peres win something, finally

Amir Peretz is a joke, a man who never grew up, and who is completely and utterly unsuitable for the role of leader of one of Israel's great historic parties. If he wins the Labour Party leadership tonight -- and at the moment, the exit polls are decidedly mixed -- it will surely be the end of Labour (although some would merely consider it the final death knell).
On the other hand, I'm not particularly enthusiastic about the candidacy of Shimon Peres, either. He really is a great man whose time has passed; he should have retired years ago -- gone off to star in BBC documentaries and be honored by Wizo, or something. It's also a complete disgrace that the Labor Party still has not managed to produce one attractive and viable leader from a younger generation.
Nevertheless, waiting for the final result, I have one just thought: Dear G-d, can you really let poor Mr. Peres lose yet another election? Can one mortal man really be expected to handle so much rejection? I literally cringe at the embarrassing thought of having to watch one more concession speech from this man. Please, finally, let him win something -- if not this vote, maybe the lottery? A goldfish? Anything!

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