Thursday, November 10, 2005

Quality on JDate

According to JTA briefs,

A second U.S. congressman has been found using JDate.
Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) began using the Jewish online dating service in May, the Hill newspaper reported, under the screen name “jim2005ofDC.” A spokesman for Sherman confirmed he used the service. Sherman chose to not offer much information on his profile, telling one prospective female that he did not want the entry to become a news item, which happened to Rep. Steve Rothman (D-N.J.) when he used JDate last year.
Sherman, 51, is a lifelong bachelor.
So did this 'prospective female' run straight to the media? Sure sounds like it, and in any case she completely betrayed his confidence. The Hill paper elaborates:
According to a woman on JDate whom he tried to pursue, he wrote, “I regret my bio does not divulge much, but as it happens, I am a member of Congress. One of my colleagues posted a revealing bio on J-date only to see it published as a ‘news’ story in his hometown newspaper. In any case, I prefer phone to email. Perhaps you could email me your phone number or call me — or just email me a note if you prefer. — Brad Sherman hm 202/***-****.”
Moral of the story no. 1 -- do not trust anyone you meet online. Of-course, it's a moral of which a congressman really should have been ultra-conscious, and it's amazing just how naive people who should definitely know better still are about the internet and email -- cf. Alan Stadtmauer. Frankly, I worry about these people.
Moral of the story no. 2 -- Just because the guy hasn't filled out his profile on JDate doesn't mean he's a lazy no-gooder who was pushed into registering by his mom; he may turn out to be your congressman.
Moral of the story no. 3 -- Last, but not least, the woman who shared with the media is a total b***h.

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