Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Throw Ali G down a well

Sacha Baron Cohen is having to resort to increasingly desperate stunts to get a laugh:
ALI G star Sacha Baron Cohen has been dunked in the sea by Pam Anderson's bodyguards...after rugby-tackling the sexy actress at her dogs' wedding.
The star's creator Sacha Baron Cohen was dressed as his other creation, cringe-inducing Kazakhstani TV journalist Borat, when he pulled the stunt.
Cohen, 33, in trunks, leather jacket and Village People-style cap, emerged from the surf on an inflatable turtle. But the gate-crashing escapade seemed to go a bit too far when he sent Pammie, 38, hurtling to the sand on the beach at Malibu, California.
Security men clearly thought Cohen needed to cool it and dragged him into the sea.
I'm not sure why the media is so focused on what happened to Ali G, though. Surely the bizarre story here is that Pam Anderson's pooches were getting married on the beach????


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