Monday, August 22, 2005

Cynical ploy, brilliant marketing idea or joke of the week -- depending on how you see it

Some enterprising settlers from Sa-nur are (supposedly...) trying to sell advertising space on their home on eBay. The thinking is that
we (among hundreds of others) will entrench ourself to the houses and to the old english police fortress thats in the middle of the settlement and fight hard as we can against the soldiers.
this event will be filmed by international news station and will reach MILLIONS OF VIEWERS AROUND THE WORLD.
you are bidding on a spot on the fortress or on my house.the exact place of the ad will be decided during the evacuation(see pics).
we will hung a big flag with your company name on it!!
Well, I guess if they don't leave soon they won't get compensation -- so they might as well get everything they can through advertising. Bidding starts at $40,000.


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