Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Freedom -- at last

At long last, "Orit," the woman whose get saga we've been following, has finally been handed her divorce -- four and a half years after asking for one.
The account of even the final court session makes miserable reading. The husband made demand upon demand, tried delay upon delay, and eventually consented to give the get only after the dayanim promised that the issue of the kids' custody would later be re-opened. I don't have to remind you that this man is a convicted child abuser. Another factor in his agreement was the rabbis' threat to send him to jail for 3 months -- one wonders, if he was so afraid of this, why they had not tried this tactic before. (I also wonder to why this doesn't make this into a get meuseh -- a forced get -- however if a Beth Din with five rabbis on it, including theChief Rabbi, accept it, I ask no further questions). Last but not least, I have no doubt that despite the scorn heaped on Yad L'isha, the publicity in the case helped to pressure the rabbis into pushing for a resolution.
In short, we wish "Orit" an enormous Mazal Tov and a long and happy life -- and pray that the courts should in future always be as firm with other recalcitrant husbands as they were today, so that other women in "Orit"'s situation should achieve the same happiness and freedom soon.

(Hat tip: OOSJ)

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