Monday, August 08, 2005

Mom, dad, Bleemy's 'off the derech'

Wow. Some poor teenage girl in Lakewood calling herself 'Bleemy Hornygirlowitz' is going through a rather public teenage rebellion (warning: do not open her blog at work. Some of you may not want to open it at all...). She says of herself:
"I grew up extremely sheltered, and I hate my parents for that! I broke free, and am enjoying life now to the best of my ability! If you dont like it, fuck off!"
She lists here interests as:
men sex reading blogging jews judaism more sex lakewood jewish frum. yeshivish
Unfortunately, her blog seems to cover only one of these interests, and no points for guessing which one.
Yikes. Bleemy: I think it's time to shidduch you off...

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