Thursday, August 25, 2005

Orthodox blogosphere?

The Forward is running a fairly predictable article about the Jewish Orthodox blogosphere, how blogs are a window into the Orthodox world, allow people to connect, etc. etc. etc.
However, it neglects to ask one question I've been pondering recently. The real anomoly is not that the Orthodox bloggers are on the net -- but that they seem to be so massively over-represented in the Jewish blogosphere. Where are all the equivalent Reform and Conservative blogs, discussing their movements, their communities, their future, their priorities, their Judaism? OK, I know of a handful -- some are truly spectacular -- but broadly speaking, the Jewish blogosphere is dominated by the Orthodox blogosphere.
I can only assume that either there is a vast world of Jewish blogs out there I don't know about, or that other Jews are out there, but simply not writing, or not writing regularly, about Jewish topics. Sadly, I suspect it's the latter.

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