Monday, August 08, 2005

Know your limits

So, Bibi has quit the government to protest disengagement and left us with that idiot Olmert as Finance Minister.
Everyone broadly agrees on three things: Netanyahu was a great Finance Minister and his departure is basically a financial disaster; If Netanyahu wanted to make a difference to disengagement, he chose a strange time, as it's now finally signed, sealed and about to go ahead; and that his move -- in typical Netanyahu fashion -- has as much to with jostling for the position of prime minister as anything else.
At the press conference yesterday, Netanyahu said,
"Remember, I am the son of a historian... What will they say of me [in the future], was he part of this or not? I want to know that in 10 years, 50 years, 100 years they will say unequivocally -- he was not part of this."
Well, too late, as a member of the government up to the 9th hour you have been a part of this. But your behavior is strange, Mr Netanyahu, for someone who is looking to secure their place in history. The last few years have shown without a doubt that you are an excellent UN Ambassador, a fabulous Finance Minister. The one position you are an absolute disaster in is Prime Minister -- yet you seem to spend your time scheming to get back there, in a casebook study of a man who undoes himself with ambition. For G-d's sake, and for ours, try and understand your own limits, and stick to what you are truly good at. That's what will secure your place in the history books.

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