Tuesday, August 09, 2005

And don't come bak!

Sheikh Omar Bakri, one of the most extreme and dangerous Muslim leaders in Britain (and that takes some doing), realized he was about to be prosecuted for supporting the 7/7 bombers -- eg. calling them the 'fantastic four' -- and managed to flee to Lebanon (although by flee I mean, got on a flight at Heathrow, showing his own passport). Initially it was claimed he'd gone for good, now, unfortunately, he's saying he's just on vacation.
Let's hope it's a long, long one. Although I have a horrible feeling that Sheikh Bakri, who lived off government benefits -- also known as my tax money -- for 20 years, topping up his £250-a-week payments with an extra £50 incapacity allowance*, might think again once he discovers that the Lebanese welfare state is rather less generous with its allowances than the satanic infidel government in Britain.

*"Islam allows me to take the benefit the system offers. I'm fully eligible. It is very difficult for me to get a job. Anyway, most of the leadership of the Islamic movement is on [state] benefit.'"
-- Sheikh Omar Bakri, The Daily Mirror, September 7, 1996

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