Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Two down, eight to go

If the Anthropic Principle dictates that the universe looks as if it is specifically designed for human beings, I'm beginning to wonder whether there's some equivalent principle, about how the world at the moment looks as if it is specifically designed to help me teach my Sunday School class. (A little self-centered, I know. But I digress).
One of the topics I have to cover this term is the life of Moses -- and I'm just getting up to the ten plagues. So last week we had the locust invading Israel. And now we have the scientific analysis of the skull of the oldest son of Rameses II, who most historians agree was the Pharaoh during the Exodus. If this is true, the son -- whose name, apparently, was Amun-her-khepeshef -- would be the one who was killed by the 10th plague. His skull comes complete with a mysterious, deep fracture which apparently occured 'at time of death.'
Watch out for the frogs, people....

(Via The Revealer)

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