Thursday, November 11, 2004

About-turn, II

The Town Crier has published a statement from Edgar Bronfman, in which he says some of the statements attributed to him in the Jewish Chronicle were 'misrepresented' and states:
I have dedicated the latter part of my life to combating threats to world Jewry. Through Hillel, the World Union of Jewish Students, Birthright, and March of the Living, I have sought to bring generations of Jews closer to their spiritual and cultural heritage. I have spoken hundreds of times in opposition to intermarriage and assimilation and I will continue to do so. Assimilation represents a clear and present danger to the continuity of the Jewish people.
Intermarried couples and their children, however, pose many questions and challenges for Jewish institutions and communities around the world. Jewish leaders must reassess our efforts to combating assimilation and disaffiliation. This conversation must take place in a serious, sensitive and respectful manner, if we are to succeed in reversing this trend.

I'm glad we have that cleared up. Now, when is Bronfman going to clarify that he realizes the battle against intermarriage has nothing to do with racism or 'keeping the bloodlines clean' -- an accusation I consider slanderous?

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