Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Not so simple

I've already received two emails which are clearly going around Jewish circles venerating Theo Van Gogh, the filmmaker who was shot today in Holland by a Dutch-Moroccan man, just months after one of his films, which criticised repression of women under Islam, was screened. (This was not, by the way, a documentary, as some people might have thought; it was a rather artsy piece which included women with verses from the Koran written on their bodies wearing completely see-through chadors.) In any case, I hope people realize that Theo Van Gogh was not simply a man fighting against Muslim extremism and for women's rights; his cause was free speech, and under that rubric, he was apparently also known for his anti-Jewish and anti-Christian remarks. Whilst this does not in any way diminish the despicable and dangerous nature of the crime, in terms of the man himself -- Caveat emptor.

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Anonymous said...

Without knowing the context of his criticism against the mayor it's impossible to say whether his sentence was indeed 'anti-Jewish'. It might have been just anti-mayor.

He was obviously not a sensitive compassionate man, but rather someone outspoken and blatant.