Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Israelis hand Beslan survivors over to Christian missionaries

Remember the group of (as far as I know, non-Jewish) survivors of the Beslan terror attacks, who were brought to Israel for a 'therapeutic' 3-week visit by the City of Ashkelon, the Even Ezer Foundation and the Organization of Olim from the Caucuses?
According to Bartholomew's Notes,, they actually spent at least part of their time touring Christian sites as guests of a Messianic Jewish congregation, who took the opportunity to
"bring the gospel message and invite all to receive Christ."
The blog asks: "are Israeli organisations so desperate to keep in with Christian Zionists that they are willing to hand over traumatised Russian children to be converted to Charismatic Protestantism?"
I suspect the case has nothing at all to do with that, but rather is just yet another example of how incredibly naive Israelis are when it comes to understanding what Christian missionaries are all about.

(Via The Revealer)

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