Friday, November 05, 2004

Loose ends

Some developments in issues which have been discussed recently on this blog:

  • Barak and Concordia -- The University has just announced that it has reversed its decision not to allow Barak to speak on campus, and will be refurbishing an existing building to make sure it is 'defendable against any attack.' A tremendous achievement for all those who have fought for free speech and against the increasing victimization of Jews on campus over the past few weeks.
  • Biased BBC -- According to the top story in today's Jewish Chronicle, Barbara Plett's article in which she confessed she wept when Arafat left Ramallah has caused quite a storm. The Beeb has been overwhelmed by hundreds of emails on the subject -- the majority of which came through HonestReporting.
    As a side note, I am proud to say that this blog played its part in this turn of events -- after learning about the Plett piece on Imshin and posting it here, I also tipped off Backspin, HonestReporting's blog, which is where they first heard of it.
    In any case, publicly, the BBC is not backing down -- they are insisting that Plett did not breach “traditional BBC strictures about fairness, accuracy and balance,” because "her analysis of the Arafat legacy… clearly lists his shortcomings as well as his achievements."
    This, of course, is rubbish -- two lines towards the bottom do not cancel out the overwhelming pro-Arafat sentiment of the piece. The JC adds: "internally, it is understood, it is a different story, with a view among senior editors that Ms Plett should not have expressed her personal feelings." Unfortunately, rather than worrying about the propriety of Ms Plett expressing her feelings, perhaps they should be worried about whether a reporter who so strongly identifies with one of the sides should be reporting at all. Not to mention -- if she shouldn't have been expressing these feelings, how come the BBC published them?????? By their own admission, “scripts of all items designed for ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ are examined in great detail before they are recorded and transmitted.”
  • Women-Only Disco: A rather cheery article in Ha'aretz this week, as promised.

Shabbat Shalom!

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