Thursday, November 04, 2004

Is something on everyone's mind?

I was going to post something about Arafat (despite my promise), but then I clicked on and noticed the following list of entries in the Jewish blogsphere:

11/04 12:14 PM News for Members of the Tribe: IS ARAFAT DEAD?
11/04 12:10 PM An Unsealed Room: Is He Or Isn't He Dead?
11/04 12:07 PM Somewhere on A1A...: Arafat Dead
11/04 12:04 PM Heimishtown: Is Arafat Dead?
11/04 12:02 PM My Blog About Me: dead or alive?
11/04 12:01 PM Friends of Micronesia: Arafat Dead?

Followed quickly by
11/04 12:29 PM Jack's Shack: Is Arafat Dead?
11/04 1:29 PM An Unsealed Room: Die Another Day
11/04 2:34 PM JewView: Is He or Isn't He? No one seems to know for sure...

I think that just about sums it up....

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