Thursday, January 27, 2005

Self-centred, selfish, petty worldview

Now that he's settled the issue of singing in the shower, Mordechai Eliyahu has turned to matters of slightly greater theological import: the Tsunami. Apparently, he has written that the G-d caused the Tsunami because the nations of the world supported disengagement. Yes, that's right, Israeli disengagement:
"The [Babylonian] Talmud [the tractate of Berachot] says that when God is angry at the nations of the world for not aiding Israel - they want to evacuate, to disengage, to interfere in our affairs, He claps his hands, causing an earthquake."
Aaah, I too was disappointed when the people of Phuket didn't come out against disengagement. I was really relying on them.
My only comfort: Rav Eliyahu, the former chief rabbi, was marginally more offensive than Rabbi Shlomo Amar, the current chief rabbi. That's progress for you!

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