Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Galloping am-haaratzus, and .. what am I doing in this shul??

I went to check something in our shul calendar, and to my horror found that it announced we were in the month of "SHEVAS"! Is it better to be regarded by the 416'ers* as am-haaratzim or as 'tsiyoinim' ....... ????

*Commentary: Torontonians, or, as our shul might now have it, Soronsonians, are split north-south. Southern Torontonians, who have 416- telephone numbers, regard north (Thornhill) Torontonians/Soronsonians, who have 905- telephone numbers, as arriviste BT's, of highly suspect Yiddishkeit. 905'ers are reputed to have televisions etc. Some 905'ers feel that our main neighbourhood shul spends too much energy looking over its right shoulder and trying to convince the 416'ers that, yes, we are just as frum and yeshivish as you are. The 'Shevas' calendar entry ..... proves the point exactly. Ve'ha-mavin yavin.

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