Friday, March 11, 2005


Israeli troops are now sporting gear that Dick Tracy might envy: tiny video screens, worn on the wrist, that display video shot by unmanned airplanes....
Military drones have been used by Israel since the early 1980s. But until recently, the information they gathered was sent to a ground command center that interpreted it and then shared it with forces in the field. The Tadiran systems allow the information to be received instantly by the various forces, company officials said.
Hanan Ashrawi -- who hasn't been asked for a quote from anyone since 2002 -- trotted out the usual lying (and perhaps unwittingly punny) cliche:
"Nobody doubts Israelis can develop these weapons," she said. "But is this the kind of sophistication they need against defenseless people? It seems like a case of overkill."
Well, what else could the poor woman say? Congratulations?


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