Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A little harsh, don't you think?

Steven I. Weiss on the so-called Shidduch crisis:
[T]he downright foolishness of the claims of a "singles crisis" or "shidduch crisis" are something I just won't countenance. It is a product not of some profound problem in the larger Jewish community, but of a group of nebbishy singles who can't get their acts together; there's also the statistical weight of those who are intentionally unmarried as yet -- a position I cheer as representative of a personal choice that seems wholly grounded in a serious concern for self. The "shidduch crisis" is about being pathetic, timid and stupid.
Unfortunately, the 'shidduch crisis' has nothing to do with being pathetic, timid and stupid; I know too many pathetic, timid and stupid people who are married, and too many impressive, confident and clever people who want to be, but are not. Ah, to be young again, when the possibilities seem endless and open, and in your full control.

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