Wednesday, March 30, 2005


By now you may have heard that, just in time for summer, one of the UK's Kashrut authorities, Kedassia, has banned strawberries (or more accurately, rebanned strawberries, because I distinctly recall reading about this some months ago in the Jewish Chronicle's 'quirky' section):
Until now, the method of washing strawberries thoroughly in soapy water in order to remove any insects was considered halachically (by Jewish religious law) sufficient. However, recent tests have proven that even after this rigorous procedure, insects are still present.
Until this problem is solved therefore, fresh strawberries should not be eaten.
Recent tests? How many times did they have to test these strawberries, by how many times did they have to magnify the strawberries' surface in order to discover the bugs? And if you look closely enough, how many other types of fruit, vegetables, water (ahem) and other food should be banned? Probably a great number. If only our supervising authorities saw and cared about the big picture -- eg. the goings on at the Postville abattoir -- as well as they saw and cared about the micro-picture.
Thankfully, the London and Federation Beth Dins have not gone along with this mad misuse of technology. And if you hold by Kedassia -- well, until they come up with a better solution, you can always 'peel the strawberry like a potato'! Of-course...

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