Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bringing intermarriage to a whole new level

The Trek Nation reviews Creative Couplings, a new Star Trek book:
I have to admit that I have anticipated reading Creative Couplings from the moment I read the description and learned that one of the plot elements was going to be the first ever Klingon-Jewish wedding. By the time I was finished reading Creative Couplings I was impressed by the ability of authors Glenn Hauman and Aaron Rosenberg to pull off a tension filled story with lots of twists and still manage to answer the burning question: Is gagh kosher?
In this two-part Starfleet Corps of Engineers tale, the U.S.S. da Vinci travels to Earth so that Captain David Gold can attend to family matters. Specifically, Gold's granddaughter Esther is getting Khor, the son of the Klingon ambassador. Gold will need to draw on all his years of experience as a Starfleet officer as he finds himself forced to reconcile the demands of two cultures while somehow managing to avoid either an interstellar incident or divorce proceedings.
There used to be a whole Jewish email list devoted to the halachic aspects of Star Trek. Subscribers spent hours discussing whether replicated pork was Kosher, whether you would be resurrected when the Mashiach came if you were buried on another planet, whether Scotty could beam you up on Shabbos, etc. etc. etc. Perhaps Khor should look it up.

(Via Reb Yudel).

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