Wednesday, March 09, 2005

IRA's idea of good PR

If President Bush really wants to make war against terrorists, and not just against Islamic terrorists, here's a case he should be taking on. In the last few weeks, the IRA has shown conclusively that it is no partner in the peace process and that bringing Sinn Fein into the democratic process has not tamed it. Just before Christmas, the IRA carried out the largest bank robbery in British history; last month, some of its members stabbed to death a fellow Catholic after a pub brawl. Today, the IRA officially announced that it found the killers -- and is willing to shoot them if the family of the murder victim so desired!! That this organization, which is officially supposed to be 'disarming' as part of the peace agreement, could come out with such a statement and expect it to be well-received is simply mind-boggling. Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams is due to begin a speaking tour in the US mid-March. A good symbolic start would be for President Bush to cancel this terrorist and thug's visa.


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