Thursday, March 03, 2005

A bit puffy even for a puff piece

JTA reports on the women who attended the Siyyum in Madison Square Garden:
Whatever their reasons for attending, the women seated in the Garden’s top floors were a lively part of the celebration.
Enjoying kosher danish specially stocked in the concession stands for the occasion, talking on cell phones to friends and family or clapping and bouncing as men sang and danced below when the final words were recited, the women were a lively presence, even though they were not visible to the majority of the attendees.
Some younger women came to enjoy the event as spectacle.
Some, looking through binoculars — necessary because of the distance of the women’s section from the main stage — marveled at the masses of Jews gathered in the Garden.
Oh yeah, really 'lively'. They couldn't see what was going on so they were reduced to nushing on danish and -- my favorite -- phoning friends on their cellphones (!). Does anyone edit this stuff?

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