Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Gonna work on Saturdays

The Iraqi people seem to have taken rather badly to the announcement that from now on, in addition to their regular Friday weekend, they will be given Saturday off from work as well. Apparently they don't want to follow the Jewish/'Zionist' custom.
They must hate us quite a lot to reject another day off on that count; If anyone wants to give me the Friday off, I have no objections (this is probably only a matter of time in the new Eurabia). In fact, I wonder what the Iraqis would say if they realized most Israelis have Friday off as well? Probably accuse us of trying to subvert Islam or something.
And on the bright side... here's where the glass is half-full. Another major Iraqi complaint, it seems, is the way in which the decision was suddenly announced, with no public consultation:
"I was shocked," said Saad Jalil, 45, a stationery shop owner. "I was sitting at home and I heard it from the television. I think they should have said something at least before taking the decision. . . . We are supposed to be living in a new democratic country."
Zaid Fadhel Khafaji, owner of a mobile phone shop, agreed. "They should have discussed it with the people first," he said. "We don't live under Saddam [Hussein] anymore. We all live in this country and we all have the right to say 'yes' or 'no.' We are not under the same regime in which we used to say 'yes' and that's it."
Seems like Iraqis have got used to democracy rather quickly...

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