Sunday, May 29, 2005

Will there ever be a straw that will break the camel's back?

Another day, another major corruption scandal in Israel. This time it's industrial espionage by some of Israel's biggest companies and top execs.
Over the past few weeks, soap-opera style scandals, corruption, self-indulgence and incompetance at top levels really do seem to have reached dizzying heights. A couple of weeks ago it seemed that Israelis, who have long accepted this kind of behaviour as a given, were beginning to get fed up. There were more than 2000 supportive comments, more than 10 times the usual average, to this op-ed in Ma'ariv expressing outrage at the corrupt culture.
But when are they actually going to do something about it? Will there ever be a straw that will break this camel's back? When are honest leaders going to arise who will lead the anti-corruption fight, and make a difference? Someone has to save the country from itself, but these things are becoming so routine, it's all one can do to muster up the energy to shrug them off.

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