Friday, May 06, 2005

Election wrap

Super-quick British election analysis: After worrying about losing votes either to the Lib-Dems or to the Tories, Blair ended up getting squeezed on both sides: on the Left because of Iraq to the Lib-Dems, and to the Right because of immigration to the Tories.

Is it good for the Jews-Analysis:

  • Tory leader Michael Howard resigned, so no Jewish PM next time around. Or will there be? Jewish Tory big-shot Malcolm Rifkind got re-elected to parliament after losing his seat 8 years ago and is an obvious candidate to replace him. Currently has odds of 12-1.
  • In one of the biggest upsets of the election, 'Georgeous George' Galloway managed to kick Jewish-black MP Oona King out of her seat after a hot contest which actually deteriorated into physical violence at one point. This is definitely not good for the Jews -- Galloway, Saddam's buddy, is supposedly 'the fiercest critic of Israel in the UK today,' and is known as 'the MP for Baghdad Central.' On the other hand, no one else likes him much either. See the transcript of this rather bizarre interview with top BBC interviewer Jeremy Paxman. Although as Nushyman pointed out, Paxman does go way OTT, and follows a strange line of attack, I saw Galloway get the exact same hostile treatment on Ch. 4 this morning, indicating that he does bring out the worst in people. The Paxman interview, btw, shows just how much more aggressive British interviewers are than their American/Canadian peers.

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