Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Suddenly, there's money...

According to PR Week, Israel has decided the time is right to launch a major US-European tourism campaign:
Israel is preparing to shrug off its ‘warzone’ image and fight back against ‘distorted’ representations in the Western media with a global PR and advertising campaign.
The Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affairs is to hold a pitch for international and Israeli-based PR agencies to support the drive, which will cover Europe and the US. The Israeli Ministry of Tourism is also seeking British advertising agencies to handle a ‘rebranding’ campaign across Europe but has yet to compile a shortlist.
I guess it's trying to bypass the mainstream media, which it probably regards as a lost cause. Perhaps, however, they would have had more success with that media had they been willing to spend serious money there too, and hire professionals instead of relying on Foreign Ministry hacks.

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