Sunday, May 22, 2005

When the chips are down....

Went out tonight to a fairly pleasant restaurant where we've enjoyed the food and atmosphere before. Thought it was 'above standard' for Kosher fare.
Tonight, however, my husband's chips (french fries) didn't turn up with the rest of the meal. When we asked the waitress it emerged she forgot to add them to our order. She said she'd bring them to us in a few minutes.
Ten minutes later she returned to announce completely unabashedly that 'unfortunately the chef forgot to take the chips out of the oven and they burned. (!!!! -- ed.) Do we want to wait while he prepares new chips?'
Um, no.
Needless to say, we cancelled and asked for the bill (we'd already finished the rest of the meal by this stage). And whaddaya know? When it arrived, it included a charge for the chips.
Aaah, Kosher restaurants... in a league of their own, at least for brazenness.

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