Thursday, May 19, 2005

Live long and prosper, but please don't take any more photographs

So now we know who to blame for Leonard Nimoy's sacrilegious foray into photography -- a lazy maintenance guy on one of his film sets:
Eight years ago, Leonard Nimoy played the prophet Samuel in the film "David." The filming took place in Morocco under a blazing sun, and Nimoy was forced to wear heavy robes. That's when he realized that he no longer wanted to act.
"I found myself in a tiny trailer," says Nimoy, who is visiting Israel at present. "The air-conditioner is working, but no cold air is coming out. The door was a curtain, there were flies everywhere and dust and dirt all around me. I have three beautiful homes in Los Angeles, New York and Lake Tahoe in California, and I asked myself: `Why am I wasting my time? Why do I need to do this?' At that moment, I knew that I wasn't going to return to hotels."
Thank you, whoever you were. Thank you very much.

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