Monday, May 30, 2005

AUT boycott -- just the beginning?

Melanie Phillips, who knows what she's talking about in this context, explains why the overturned AUT boycott against 2 Israeli universities was merely the beginning of an aggressive campaign against the Jewish State, one which will be much harder to overturn.
She adds:
What has not been recognised by those who have the interests of Israel at heart is that — as I have said before, and this cannot be emphasised enough — the AUT boycott was defeated on the wrong argument. Led by the Engage group, the campaign opposed the boycott merely on the grounds of free speech. It did not oppose it on the most important grounds, that the intellectual delegitimisation of Israel within the universities is based on racist calumnies, lies, libels and distortions.
Good point. Again, the taste of victory against the AUT motion on any grounds should give Israel's supporters some courage to begin standing up for the country on all grounds. Let's hope (and it's a faint hope...) they're less complacent, not more complacent, for the next round.

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