Monday, April 18, 2005

When Shimon met Tiki

According to the NY Post,
Last week, [Shimon Peres,] the former Israeli prime minister was having dinner at Tao when he spotted NFL great [Tiki] Barber a few tables away. According to witnesses, "Shimon wanted to meet [Barber]." Barber came over and, "Shimon invited Tiki to Israel as a sort of goodwill ambassador for sports. Shimon has a program where Israeli kids and Palestinian kids play sports together so they can get to know each other, and Tiki agreed that he would love to come and even gave Shimon his cellphone number."
The unsaid assumption here is that 80-+-yr. old Peres saw Barber, recognized him, and wanted to meet him. I somehow find this highly unlikely -- he must have seen Barber with an entourage and asked who he is -- but the whole story fits right in with Peres' reputation as a total celebrity-chaser.

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