Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Miriam, Steven, the Pope, DOVBEAR and Me

The title, appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, is not a list of the total readership of the Jewish blogosphere who are talking to each other non-stop and racking up hundreds of thousands of hits .....
It is, in fact, a slightly amended copy of DovBear's latest post. If you can follow this, in it he comments on one of Miriam's posts, refers to a comment on that by Steven. I Weiss on Canonist, on which both he, DovBear and Miriam have commented already, in which DB repeats his comment already posted on bloghead, and then for good measure repeats that comment by commenting on his own post on DovBear ....... [It may be the new glasses I got today, but my head is spinning from this.]

ANYWAY -- in the middle of these multiple and somewhat incestuous blogs and comments, our ursine friend brings up the case of Edith Stein. See on this my comments ... and -- the point of all of this -- the original and interesting comments contributed by a Catholic priest, Father Tom Dowd, to Chakira. (Scroll down, there are several.)

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