Monday, April 18, 2005

Other blog news

  • The MOChassid outs himself, picture and all. Welcome to the small group of named J-bloggers!
  • The Commentator has a piece on CampusJ. The most elegant explanation for the popularity of the J-blogosphere I've heard so far: "[Menachem] Wecker, who also blogs for Yeshiva, attributes CampusJ's popularity to its resonance with classical Jewish texts. "I find that the blogosphere [world of blogging] particularly appeals to Jews because of its Talmudic quality," said Wecker. "The notion of malleable texts that use argument and citation as their exegetical currency has a lot to do with many classical Jewish texts."
  • Ha'aretz reports on the 'Slifkin Case,' getting the story pretty much right but not adding anything original (and not bagging an interview with R. Slifkin, either -- his restraint is remarkable). Gil says he was misquoted (although he does not say anything particularly controversial -- just perhaps uncomfortable sounding to rightwing ears) and promises an account of what he really said. First rule of being interviewed: although the reporter will hate you for this, make sure you ask for your quotes to be read back to you before they go to print.

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menachem said...

Thanks! I have never been called "elegant" before.