Tuesday, April 12, 2005

This just in: Pesach is expensive

Kudos to NYC's Consumer Affairs Dept.:
New York City officials want to be sure people are not overcharged for Passover items. The city's Consumer Affairs Department says anyone who believes a store has jacked up prices on traditional Passover items, such as grape juice, matzoh and Gefilte (Geh-Fill-Teh) fish - to call 3-1-1.
The consumer affairs commissioner promises investigators will look into any claims it receives by May 1st. Consumer Affairs Commissioner Gretchen Dykstra says New Yorkers are the eyes and ears of her department.
Now, if only they could do the same thing for Kosher consumers the rest of the year round, as getting ripped off in the food dept. is unfortunately not restricted to Pessach.
The truth is that, overcharged or not, Pessach shopping is still a burdenesome and difficult expense for many/most people. We worked out that it was only marginally more expensive to fly to the States for the week than to cater for ourselves and a couple of meals with guests. How do people afford to be Jewish? Sometimes it beats me.

(Via Jewschool)

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