Sunday, April 17, 2005

However, Mizoram (between India and Bangladesh) appears to be a more comfortable place to be Jewish than the UK - at least, the British Universities.

As reported on Bloghead, three prominent student leaders in the UK have resigned from the National Union of Students because of its refusal to deal with rising antisemitism on British campuses. This week, a prominent University lecturers Union will vote on a proposal to boycott Israeli Universities. The SUnday Times runs a report. The academics, of course, many of whom are probably as anti-American as they are anti-Israeli, would never dream of proposing a boycott of US universities (or, say, Saudi Arabian Universities, or Chinese Universities, or Algerian or Libyan or Egyptian Universities) ...because then they would lose their chances of fat sabbaticals and visiting lectureships etc. Disgraceful. Where are the UK Jewish community???? It shows the difference between the US / N American Jewish organisations --- with all their faults -- and the pusillanimous British gentlemanly committees. The reason? UK Jews have no sense of pride of being an ethnic community, and still would like to see themselves as 'Englishmen of the Jewish persuasion'.

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