Friday, April 08, 2005

Er, not quite -- why we didn't see Noa at the funeral

Just as I was wondering what happened to Achinoam Nini ('Noa'), who was supposed to "sing at the Pope's funeral" accordingto Israel radio (and as posted by me a couple of days ago**) -- the JTA (today) fills in the picture:

"An Israeli singer will take part in an Italian television commemoration of Pope John Paul II. Achinoam Nini will perform her version of "Ave Maria" during Friday's broadcast of the pontiff's funeral in the Vatican. "Friends of mine from Italy called and said that 'Ave Maria' was being played all the time, and referred to it as the 'anthem of the funeral,' " Nini told Ma'ariv on Thursday. "

--- quite what a nice Jewish-Yemini girl from Israel-NY is doing singing 'Ave Maria' is a bit of a mystery (and a bit icky), but then Irving Berlin wrote "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas" (didn't he??). I seem to remember reading somewhere else that she had once sung this in front of the late Pope.

**--- and in addition, Haaretz carries a banner saying that according to Israel radio Israeli singer Noa (Achinoam Nini) will be the "only" performer at the funeral.

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Jewish Blogmeister said...

I agree it is as you say "icky".
Both songs" like Mrs. Robinson-Lyrics about Jesus and others
like Marc Cohn "walking in memphis"
also talking about Jesus etc.