Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"Proper estimation to the cited action" -- I hope that sounds more serious in Russian

The Russian Foreign Ministry has at last responded to the letter signed by more than 3000 Russians, including former Chess champ Boris Spassky:
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Alexander Yakovenko, called the letter signed by thousands of well-known Russian public figures and church officials seeking to ban Jewish organizations an attempt to spoil the relationship between Russia and Israel.
He said such attempts are “inadmissible, no matter from what side they are performed” and promised the ministry will oppose them in the future, Russian Information Agency Novosti reported.
Israel is one of Russia’s main partners in the Middle East, Yakovenko said. He asked the Prosecutor General’s office to “give a proper estimation to the cited action.” Yakovenko reminded the ministry had earlier condemned the similar xenophobic letter published in January in Rus Pravoslavnaya newspaper.
The letter of-course had nothing to do with Israel; it was anti-Semitism pure and simple, and part of a rapidly growing trend at that. The Russians should be directing any soothing noises towards its own Jewish community -- the ones who really need them and the ones at whom the letter was really directed. But instead, they're playing Middle Eastern politics as usual. Nice little transparent move, Mr. Yakovenko.

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