Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A mystery is solved

Much has been made over the picture of Artscroll's Rabbi Nosson Scherman in the New York Times this week, which featured a volume of a Steinsaltz Gemara on R. Scherman's desk.
You will be glad to hear that I had occasion to speak to R. Scherman today, as part of some research I'm doing for an article on the completion of the Schottenstein edition, and he assured me (after a good chuckle) that there was no conspiracy... Apparently the NYT reporter wanted to contact R. Steinsaltz and R. Scherman took out the Steinsaltz Gemara, which he happened to have in his office (and which, incidentally, he called a 'masterpiece'), to see if his Israeli publishers' contact details were in there.
And there you have it.

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