Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Edomites get a whole lot older

A new archaeological dig has confirmed the existence of the Edomites as early as 1000 BC.:
While previous investigations in Edom had been carried out in the Jordanian highland zone and put the rise of the Edomite kingdom during the 8th to 6th centuries BCE, the new archeological data from modern-day Jordan presents strong evidence for the involvement of Edom with neighboring ancient Israel as described in the Bible and indicates the existence of the biblical nation of Edom at least as early as the 10th Century BCE – when David and Solomon were alive....
The archeologists dug up evidence of construction of massive fortifications and industrial-scale metal production activities, as well as over 100 building complexes. Egyptian scarabs of a "walking sphinx" and a hunting scene provide additional evidence of metal-working activities at the site in the period around 1200 to 900 BCE.
Bit of luck Oded Golan can't forge entire archaeological sites... can he?

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