Tuesday, February 01, 2005

"Don't believe the news, it's controlled by the Jews!"

Check out this photo-essay documenting some frightening goings-on at an anti-terrorism rally in Berkely a couple of weeks ago. Frightening because counter-protesters

  • Demanded that all Jews "go back to Europe"
  • Accused the Jews of stealing organs from Palestinian bodies (a variation of the blood libel)
  • Denied the Jews' ancient roots in the Holy Land (with a sign that read "Hebrew Genocidists Out of Canaan")
  • Chanted slogans saying they "can't wait" to become suicide bombers
  • Dressed up as terrorists
  • Chanted "Don't believe the news, it's controlled by the Jews"
  • Yelled that they would take "a pound of flesh" from a Jew every time a Palestinian is killed
  • ... and praised suicide bombers, made threats, and in general expressed an attitude of agressive anti-Semitism.

Which doesn't mean the pro-Israel demonstrators didn't have their share of racists on the spot (see the very last picture on page 2, which I don't think is anything to 'smile' about at all), plus some definite meshuggenes. But overall, another demonstration of just how rabidly anti-Semitic and aggressive the pro-Palestinian demonstrators across North America and Europe actually are.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, at the University of Toronto, an Arab club is holding a week-long series of lectures called 'Israeli Apartheid Week' -- to coincide with IsraelFest, an annual celebration of Israeli art and culture. The University is supporting the event because of 'freedom of speech.' First clashes here.

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