Wednesday, February 23, 2005


This afternoon Bloghead made 100,000 hits. Only 40,000 of them were me, 20,000 my father, 15,000 my husband, 10,000 my mother... leaving more from the general public than I ever expected to get. Thanks to all of Bloghead's visitors for reading, commenting, emailing and -- a little belatedly -- for voting for us in the JIB Awards, where we were voted second-best 'Politics, Current Affairs, and Academia' Jblog, and third 'Best Jewish Religion Blog.' Not too shabby!
Thanks, too, to the guest blogger who stayed, and who is now an integral part of this blog. Remember, Abba, I can still kick you off if I don't get that free trip home this summer.
Just kidding!*
I hope you all enjoy Bloghead -- I certainly enjoy writing it, and have found myself much more aware of, thoughtful about, and passionate about the major Jewish issues confronting us today (plus a few minor ones...) since I began blogging in May. So here's to 100,000 more.
Oh, yeah. And to cap it all off, it's my first wedding anniversary.
Not bad for one day!

*I want the free trip on Rosh Hashana.


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