Monday, January 23, 2006

The other election...

Kobi Arieli in Ma'ariv / NRG has written one of the only articles I've seen about one of the curiosities of this Israeli election -- the placement of Tzvia Greenfield, a self-described Haredi woman from Har Nof, as the no. 6 on the Meretz (Yachad) list. She is a well-known activist both in the peace movement and against religious coercion and, needless to say, raises a lot of hackles in the haredi community. I'm surprised that the media hasn't made more of this; Arieli, in any case, has sparked an interesting debate on the site about what exactly it takes to be considered a haredi -- to what extent is it a sociological definition, to what extent religious. (I suppose the same debate could equally be held about any segment of the population.)
To read more about Greenfield you can visit her website, in Hebrew, here. More about her, I suppose, if she gets elected!

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